Professional Growth

We offer training programs in psychotherapy and counseling for: Ph.D’s, Psy.D’s, MFT’s, ACSW’s. who have graduated or are currently enrolled in an upper degree program.

  •  Licensed therapists looking for trainings, workshops and classes to deepen their work. CEU’s available.
  •  Intern candidates looking for an internship that helps convert theoretical concepts into concrete experiences.
  •  Trainees looking for a practicum placement that offers guidance using in-the-moment interactions with clients.      Supplemental placement is also available.

All of our trainings programs focus on how to be and what to do in order to deepen the work and facilitate self-realization for their clients.

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Personal Growth

We offer individual counseling sessions for children and adults, as well as couple, family, and group therapy.

 To make our services available to a wider community in need, we offer a free discovery session and sliding-scale fees.

We work with most issues, symptoms, and diagnosis. PTSD, depression, anxiety, acting out children, difficulties establishing and maintaining relationships, to name a few. We have special programs that serve:

Therapists provide services in the following languages: Chinese Mandarin, Taiwanese, Czech, Russian, Farsi, Turkish, French, German, Lithuanian, Spanish and English.                                                                      


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Don Hadlock welcomes you to PTI

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Spiritual Growth

Well-being comes from connecting with and staying connected to one’s inner source, higher self, or expanded consciousness, and then expanding that connection to others. It is an integral part of personal and professional growth.

A link to our Spiritual Musings page is provided for you to browse and ponder. Also, you are welcome to attend our Spiritual Expansion group. Other self-help resources include thoughts on parenting, addiction, mental health, etc.

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Radio Interview with
LaDonna and Don

Listen to Radio Interview about PTI

This 54 minute interview discusses the therapeutic processes and programs offered by Process Therapy Institute.

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